Boquerón Town

Boquerón is a beach village located in the city of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. The village is one of the main tourist attractions in the southwestern part of the island. As of the United States 2000 Census, the barrio population was 4,963. Walking distance from the House.  If you like music and great food try Galloways Bar and Rest.

Boquerón Bay Beach

Boquerón beach (Balneario de Boquerón) is a public beach and resort managed by the Puerto Rican government. It is rated as one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico along with Luquillo Beach on the North Shore. Boquerón beach was awarded Blue Flag Beach status by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Only 2 minute drive from the house.

Buyé Beach

Buyé Beach (or Playa Buyé) is a bit tricky to find. But once you do find it, it is really nice. Located in Cabo Rojo, in the south-west corner of Puerto Rico, this beach is worth a stop if you’re in the area. Only a 2 minute drive from the House.
If you are looking for a beach with soft, white sand, and warm, clear, blue water, with just little waves lapping at the shore then look no further, Buyé Beach fits the bill.

Combate Beach

This beach is protected by the government as a wild reserve. You can only get access only walking from the street at the end of El Combate old town or by a lateral street at only 100 meters from the Combate Beach hotel. It's a great beach with a shore of more than 3 miles. People who spent the whole day usually bring their food and drinks, and music. Enjoy this awesome place with your family. Thanks for your time and until my next review. Recommend you try Annie "s Place for food and drinks.

El Faro Los Murrillos de Cabo Rojo

A historic light house.  Beautiful sea cliffs and turquoise white sand beaches at Playa Sucia. Perfect place to spend a day's adventure. Some secret cool hidden gems and coves on a quick hike near the Lighthouse. If in Puerto Rico, southwest coast is one of the best areas of the island.

Isla de Ratones Beach Joyuda

 Isla Ratones (real name is Isla Piñero) is a tiny island (about 1 acre total), located about ¼ mile off the west coast of Joyuda in Cabo Rojo, in the south-west part of Puerto Rico.  Great Beach for Snorkeling.  You get there by boat or you can swim over.

La Parguera

The village of La Parguera (founded in 1940 by Andrew Breedlove and fishermen from Guánica and Cabo Rojo) is a popular tourist destination to see the famous Bahía Fosforescente (Phosphoresent Bay) and its keys and islet's.

Mata De la Gata Kay

You’ll love this place, a little, little cay / island off the coast of the town of Lajas on the southern coast of Porta del Sol. This cute island’s colors are blue, green, turquoise and coral, a nature lover’s tiny paradise surrounded by more sister islands, everywhere you stand on the island, the views are gorgeous.  Mata La Gata Island is part of Reserva Natural La Parguera which include 4 other mangrove islands managed by Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA).

20 minutes from the House.

Caracoles Kay

Loved by locals, popular for snorkeling and boaters and just about 45 minutes from Ponce. Caracoles is one of the islands of La Parguera Nature Reserve off the town of Lajas.   From all the islands in La Parguera, this is the most popular for snorkeling. The waters are like glass, crystal clear and calm, the earlier you get here in the day the better the conditions are.

Bahia Fosforescente

We chose the tour that allowed us to get in the ocean and actually swim in the dark. It was amazing! Looked like we had a million stars on our bodies as we moved around. Best part of all is that as we were in the water my son swam over to me and said "mom I am never going to forget this, thanks for bringing us" :)

Isla Guilligan, Guanica

 I love this island. You must take a ferry to get there. Its like a 5 min boat ride to get there for $10 back and forth. I do recommend taking those beach chairs for you to sit on, since its sort of like a jungle, you cannot just sit on the sand with the towel because its wet and you can find small black crabs or iguanas around ALSO take food because they do not sell anything on the island. But it is a beautiful island with clear waters not very deep, sort of like a lazy river. 35 minutes from the house.

Playa Ballena

 About 1 mile out from the Guanica shore.  You will need a boat ride to get there.   During low season and on weekdays you’ll mostly have the island to yourself. During the summer months and high tourist season particularly on weekends, the island is a popular place for locals and tourists so get there early to grab a spot and picnic table.  There are no lifeguards there so you’re on your own, keep an eye on your kids.  There are no shops at Gilligan’s Island, so bring a cooler with everything you will need.  Bring bug spray, you’ll need it and be glad you had it.

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